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            Tunnel: spotify:track:2fyAcznOYA8Y55c1L9EAin

C   D   Bm   C

C   D   Bm       C
           Last words are spoke,
C   D          Bm    C
           and last breaths are drawn.
C   D             G
           I'm complete.

Em   G   D   C     x4

         Em   G   D   C
I'm asleep.
         Em   G   D   C
I'm complete.
        D7/F#  (or simple Bm)
As the morning comes.

Em     G
D      C
 I rise,
                     D       Bm7
arosen to sounds of horses around.
Em   G        D    C
C                 D                 Bm           
We're flying as we're breaking the laws.
Em        G

G                 Am
Through skylines, sound of wingbeats
C            Bm                            
  by wreaths, I am taken.
Em               G

G                Am            C
  Longful arms, gates of pearlblaze
             Bm          G  D
   you are brighter than all

C    D
C    Dsus2      x4

C    D
       That floats away, 
C    Dsus2
       that floats away.        x4

G    Em    D    C       x2

G                  Em     D    C
Daylights without end            x2

G    Em    D    C       x3    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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