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Intocable Tabs

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Intocable, started in 1993 in Zapata Texas, they're one of the most successful acts in the tejano-norteño sound of the Tex-Mex border region. Their most important albums includes Intocable IV, Contigo, and more recently, their blockbuster release X. Rámon Ayala was a major influence to the group. Ricky Muñoz is the lead singer-accordionist, "La Coqueta" (The Flirt) was one of their earliest hits (mid 90's) and was later made into a music video. Intocable endured a van crash (late 90's) in route from one concert to another in northern Mexico, and a couple of band members died. Read more about Intocable on


Tracks Versions
Es Tan Bello 1 guitar pro tabs
Estas Que Te Pelas Ukulele 1 tablature chords
Dime Que Me Amas 1 tablature chords
A Donde Estabas 1 tablature chords
Dejate Amar 1 tablature chords
Contra Viento Y Marea 1 tablature chords
Sonador Eterno 1 guitar pro tabs
Eres Mi Droga 1 guitar pro tabs
Fuerte No Soy 1 tablature chords
Suea 1 tablature chords
Vuelve Mi Amor 1 tablature chords
Enseame A Olvidarte Ukulele 1 tablature chords