Jeff The Brotherhood Tabs

Jeff The Brotherhood Tabs

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JEFF the Brotherhood is Jake Orrall and Jamin Orrall , two brothers that play drums and guitar. They grew up in Tennessee making music and trying to have a good time. Since their inception they have been playing anywhere from house parties to rooftops, backyards, bars and art galleries and releasing their own records, tapes, comic books and home made videos. The Brotherhood has been called "kraut punk", "psychedelic grunge" and "noise pop" drawing comparisons to bands like Hawkwind, Wipers, and early Sonic Youth. Read more about JEFF the Brotherhood on


Tracks Versions
Diamond Way 1 guitar tabs
Heavy Days 1 guitar tabs
Country Life 1 guitar tabs
Growing 1 guitar tabs
Hey Friend 1 guitar tabs
Totally Confused 1 guitar tabs
Bad 1 tablature chords