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Cotton Mouth River

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            INTRO: G

       G                          Em
Well I know that I shouldn't have done it
  C            D           G
I know that it just wasn't right
       G                            G/F#         Em
'Cause they got me backed up to the Cotton Mouth River
      C           D       G
And I can't cross late at night

             D                              G
Yeah there's lots of stories told about the Cotton Mouth River
C                        D
They tell them time and again
          G                           G/F#     Em
About the men who tried to cross that river by moonlight
    C          D           G
And never were heard from again

G                        Em
If I had my life to live over
C             D         G
I'd a gone to work that day
           G                   G/F#        Em
Instead of going into town and shooting him down
      C             D         G
For a thing I never heard him say


       G                        Em
Well I just made it through the cane break
      C       D           G
And I got one foot in the mud
     G                                 G/F#            Em
I can hear the hounds a baying but the snake around my ankle's
        C             D        G
Telling me my running days are done

CHORUS (2x)    

Added On July 16th, 2014



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