Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains Tabs

Where Is My Coffee

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C Em F G

C                   Em
Well I am a one man rent strike
         F                     G 
and your couch is my picket line
C                        Em       
Well I'm eating acid for breakfast
               F                      G
and puking all over the sidewalk this time
    F                       G
But mostly I'm just full of shit
                   Em                    F
in a world that's already filled up with that
      G                F                             C
So if Aaron makes it to space then I ain't coming back

[SAME CHORDS] C Em F G x 2, F G Em F G F C

Well I am an artist if that means that there's a cigarette in my mouth

Well I'm a punk rocker if that means that I

smell pretty bad right now

But mostly I'm just kinda crazy

in a world full of sadness and pain

We waited there in the yard but the train never came    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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