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Say Demesne

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            Say Demesne by Johnny Marr
from The Messenger 2013
submitted by ezears @myrtleleaf for

Em C G D x3
Em C

G D Em C
We were crawling out of step wrecked and we walked
G D Em C                                                
A secret for a while but that’s ok so we thought 
G D Em C                                        
Steal my cards and soul and sell ‘cos you can
G D Em C G D Em  Emaj9                  
Say Demesne they get you to get what they want  

C A7 D Em
But you’re in for love  you’re in for love, and you will fight love
Am A7                   
You’re in for love you still fight love
D Em
But you’re in for love and you will fight love  

Em G D Em

You’re f*cked, drunk, and your memory’s stuck
C G D Em 
Crashing and turned to go back home you’re forgot 
C G D Em                                                                
Feel no good they’re not they’re lost and you’re lost
C G D Em 
Take Demesne to a room where she opens your heart
Am C Em

repeat chorus
C A7 D Em  x16
Am G Em   Am G Em    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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