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            Capo 2

Verse 1
C#m                        A2
Here I am now on my face, memories I can't escape
    F#                       A2
I'm a wounded man, I try as hard as I can
C#m                               A2
Forget the pain, forget the past, my relief is here at last
   F#                    A2
Oh my hope in You, is pulling me through

    E               B             C#m                 A2 or (E at 6th fret)
I'm on my way to a better day, on my way through the night
      E                        B   C#m   A2 or (E at 6th fret)
Just when I think I've finally lost my fight
                       B         C#m         A2 or (E at 6th fret)     
On my way to a better day, on my way to new life
E                  B               C#m     A2
Just when I think I'm alone You're by my side
    F#m           A2             C#m
You hold me and wipe the tears I cry

 Verse 2
C#m                         A2
At a loss for what to say, now it comes down to my faith
     F#                     A2
Will I really do, what You told me to
C#m                                     A2
Believe Your voice, believe Your word, stand so strong even when it hurts
      F#              A2
Gotta let it go, let Your light show

Repeat Chorus

C#m       B   A2    C#m    B       A2
Cry like the wind, finally on the mend
C#m     B     A2    C#m    B        F#
No You never left, though my heart bled

Repeat Chorus 2X    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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