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Kaddisfly is an experimental indie rock band hailing from Portland, Oregon; they are currently on hiatus. An unconventional juxtaposition of progressive sensibility and pop harmonies, laced with the airy, sweet vocals of Chris Ruff, the band has been an impressive force ever since the 2001 release of the Honorable Mention EP. The following year, they released the Humania EP, another strong effort, giving nods to bands like Incubus and Lostprophets. Read more about Kaddisfly on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Campfire 1 guitar tabs
New Moon Over Swift Water 1 guitar tabs
Midnight In Shanghai 1 guitar tabs
Manhattan Loves You 1 guitar tabs
La Primera Natural Disaster 1 guitar tabs
Harbor 1 guitar tabs
Eres Tremulent 1 guitar tabs
Empire 1 guitar tabs
Crimson Solitude 1 guitar tabs
Clouds 1 guitar tabs
Waves 1 guitar tabs