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Kansas Tabs

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Kansas is a progressive rock band which formed in Topeka, Kansas, United States in 1970. The band is best known for their international hit singles "Carry on Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind". The band's classic lineup consisted of Steve Walsh (vocals, keyboards), Richard Williams (guitar), Kerry Livgren (guitar), Robby Steinhardt (violin, vocals), Dave Hope (bass) and Phil Ehart (drums). The band currently consists of Walsh, Ehart, Williams, Billy Greer (bass) and David Ragsdale (violin). Read more about Kansas on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Dust In The Wind 2 tablature chords, 5 guitar tabs and 5 guitar pro tabs
Carry On Wayward Son 2 tablature chords and 4 guitar tabs
Carry On My Wayward Son 2 guitar tabs and 3 guitar pro tabs
Dust In The Wind Intro 1 tablature chords and 2 guitar tabs
Cold Grey Morning 1 tablature chords
Child Of Innocence Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Whats On My Mind 1 guitar tabs
Carry On My Wayward Son Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Cheyenne Anthem 1 tablature chords
Reason To Be 1 tablature chords
Lonely Wind 1 tablature chords
On The Other Side 1 tablature chords
Crowded Isolation 1 tablature chords
Dust In The Wind Acoustic 1 tablature chords
One Big Sky 1 tablature chords
Lamplight Symphony 1 tablature chords
Lonely Street 1 guitar tabs
Carry On My Wayward Son Intro 1 guitar tabs
When The World Was Young Intro 1 guitar tabs
Play The Game Tonight 1 guitar pro tabs
Point Of No Return 1 guitar pro tabs
Song For America 1 guitar pro tabs
Devil Game 1 guitar tabs
Dust In The Wind Solo 1 guitar tabs
Fight Fire With Fire 1 guitar tabs
Icarus 1 guitar tabs
Magnum Opus 1 guitar tabs
Perfect Lover 1 guitar tabs
The Coming Dawn 1 guitar tabs
The Wall 1 tablature chords
Two Cents Worth 1 guitar tabs
All The World 1 tablature chords