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Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer

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            (Capo 1)
     A7      D                    G   D
1. Jesus,   Draw me ever         near-er
2. Jesus,   guide me through the temp-est
3.  Let the treasures of the     tri-umph
   D          G                  D
1. As I      la-bor through the storm
2. Keep me  spir-it stayed and  sure
3. Form with-in me as I          go
    G          D                   G   D
1. You have  called me to this    pas-sage
2. When the   mid-night meets the mor-ning
3. And at the end of this long    pas-sage
    D        G                   D
1. And I'll fol-low, though I'm worn
2. Let me   love you even       more
3. Let me   leave them at your throne

 D        A        D         A
May this jour-ney bring the bles-sing
 D     G       D         A
May I rise on wings of faith
 G          D                G    D
and at the end of my hearts test-ing
           G                D
with your like-ness let me wake    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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