Laura Veirs Tabs

Laura Veirs Tabs

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Laura Veirs (born Laura Pauline Veirs on 24 October 1973 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) is an American singer-songwriter. Veirs was raised in Colorado, studied geology and Mandarin Chinese at Carleton College, worked as a translator for a geological expedition in China, and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Veirs has said that she didn't seriously listen to music until she was in her 20s; instead, she just heard what was in her environment. She listened to folk / country / classical / pop, around the house & on the radio, during her youth. Read more about Laura Veirs on


Tracks Versions
Galaxies 2 tablature chords
Black Eyed Susan 1 guitar tabs
Wrecking 1 tablature chords
Ballad Of John Vogelin 1 tablature chords
Cast A Hook In Me 1 tablature chords
Ocean Night Song 1 guitar tabs
Cool Water 1 tablature chords
Dont Lose Yourself 1 tablature chords
Saltbreakers 1 tablature chords
Magnetized 1 guitar tabs
Sun Is King 1 tablature chords
When You Give Your Heart 1 guitar tabs
Life Is Good Blues 1 tablature chords
Where Gravity Is Dead 1 tablature chords
Up The River 1 guitar tabs
Blue Ink 1 guitar tabs
Chimney Sweeping Man 1 guitar tabs
Ether Sings 1 guitar tabs
Jailhouse Fire 1 guitar tabs
Rapture 1 guitar tabs
Riptide 1 guitar tabs
Salvage A Smile 1 guitar tabs
Shadow Blues 1 guitar tabs
Spelunking 1 tablature chords
The Cloud Room 1 tablature chords
Through December 1 guitar tabs
Wide-eyed Legless 1 tablature chords