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Les Savy Fav is an indie rock band which formed in Providence, Rhode Island, United States in 1995, where the members were attending the Rhode Island School of Design. The band moved to Brooklyn, New York shortly after graduating. The band consists of Tim Harrington (vocals), Seth Jabour (guitar), Andrew Reuland (guitar), Syd Butler (bass) and Harrison Haynes (drums). The band has released five albums: "3/5" (1997), "The Cat and the Cobra" (1999), "Go Forth" (2001), "Let's Stay Friends" (2007) and "Root for Ruin" (2010). Read more about Les Savy Fav on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
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Pluto 1 guitar tabs
Hold On To Your Genre Intro 1 guitar tabs
Dishonest Don Part Ii 1 guitar pro tabs
The Sweat Descends 1 guitar tabs
The Equestrian 1 guitar tabs
Lets Get Out Of Here 1 guitar tabs
Appetites 1 guitar tabs