Level 42 Tabs

Level 42 Tabs

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Internationally popular British funk-rock quartet fronted by Mark King and Mike Lindup, best known for their hits Lessons in Love, Something About You, The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up), Love Games and Hot Water. They were formed on the Isle of Wight. Though their membership has fluctuated throughout the years, the original and perhaps best-known lineup consisted of Mark King aka "Thunderthumbs" (vocals & bass), Mike Lindup (vocals & keyboards) and brothers Boon Gould (guitar) and Phil Gould (drums). Read more about Level 42 on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Hot Water 2 guitar pro tabs
Mr Pink 1 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Dune Tune 1 guitar pro tabs
Love Games Intro 1 guitar tabs
Theme To Margaret 1 guitar tabs
The Pursuit Of Accidents 1 guitar tabs
Leaving Me Now 1 tablature chords
Love In A Peaceful World 1 tablature chords
My Father Shoes 1 tablature chords
I Dont Know Why 1 tablature chords
Its Over 1 tablature chords
Heaven In My Hands 1 tablature chords
Running In The Family Solo 1 guitar tabs
Lessons In Love Solo 1 guitar tabs
Running In The Family Intro 1 guitar tabs
There Is A Dog 1 tablature chords
Seven Years 1 tablature chords
Love Games 1 guitar pro tabs
Forever Now 1 tablature chords