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Little Joy Tabs

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Little Joy is formed by Binki Shapiro, Rodrigo Amarante and Fabrizio Moretti, three friends who dropped their routine at their respective hometowns to make a record in Los Angeles, California in 2007. Through a chance encounter at a Portuguese festival in Lisbon, where both Amarante (Singer/Guitarist of Los Hermanos) and Moretti (drummer of The Strokes) had performed, the two chatted well through the night and into the morning by the side of the river, humoring the idea of working together on music that had no affiliation to their particular bands. Read more about Little Joy on


Tracks Versions
Keep Me In Mind 1 guitar tabs
Play The Part 1 tablature chords
No Ones Better Sake 1 tablature chords
Evaporar 1 guitar tabs
How To Hang A Warhol 1 tablature chords
Unattainable 1 tablature chords
Dont Watch Me Dancing 1 tablature chords
Brand New Start 1 tablature chords
The Next Time Around 1 tablature chords
Shoulder To Shoulder 1 tablature chords