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1) Lost Cause (nowadays known as Loost Koos) was a Finnish underground hiphop group consisting of MC Särre, DJ Arsi and Väiski. Their releases include "It's All Happenin'" 7" (Fjuu Records, 2002), "Bustickets EP" (Fjuu Records, 2003), "Mad Sex Rap" (not on label, 2004) and "Spins / Rappers Know Better / A Thousand Knifefights" 12" (not on label, 2005). 2) An early 80's southern Californian band that played great simple straight ahead punk/core. Lost Cause played the typical cali sounding punk/core and did it with style. They only released a self titled 7'' E.P. and a LP. Read more about Lost Cause on Last.fm.


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