Louis-jean Cormier Tabs

Louis-jean Cormier Tabs

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After 15 years of touring and musical adventures with Karkwa, Louis-Jean Cormier was promised a well deserved rest: stop, not to create, not to write, enjoy empty. To ensure this end, it is first fun playing the guitar, then played to write new songs. So after a few days, a new project has naturally imposed to him. I must say that Louis-Jean has never really stopped even strum the guitar since his teens, he crossed on a skateboard, and especially the sound of his music. At that time, he already scoured the bar circuit of his native Sept-Îles, Quebec and interpreting classical compositions. Read more about Louis-Jean Cormier on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Bull Eye 1 tablature chords
Un Monstre 1 guitar tabs
Deux Saisons Trois Quarts 1 tablature chords
Transistors 1 tablature chords
Ce Soir Lamour Est Dans Tes Yeux 1 tablature chords
Tout Le Monde En Meme Temps 1 tablature chords
Lair 1 tablature chords
La Cassette 1 tablature chords
Lascenseur 1 tablature chords
Montagne Russe 1 tablature chords