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Lower Dens are a shoegaze band from Baltimore, Maryland formed in 2010. Formed by Jana Hunter, the band has released two albums: their debut on Gnomonsong records and a follow up album on Ribbon Music. The record as a whole begs for an assessment of all the flaws inherent in our existence, and to imagine a better, more suitable, logical way for humanity to live.” So says Lower Dens leader Jana Hunter about the band’s stunning new album Nootropics. Read more about Lower Dens on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Tea Lights 1 guitar tabs
Nova Anthem 1 tablature chords
Suckers Shangri-La 1 tablature chords
Non Grata 1 tablature chords
To Die In La 1 tablature chords
I Get Nervous 1 tablature chords
Rosie 1 guitar tabs
Lamb 1 tablature chords
Truss Me 1 guitar tabs
Completely Golden 1 guitar tabs
A Dogs Dick 1 guitar tabs
Quo Vadis 1 tablature chords