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I Remembered That I Wanted To Kiss Kill You

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            This is a song I saw Andy Hull play during a Manchester Orchestra set in Dec. 2008. I 
also saw a youtube video of him playing a longer version that was from 2011 I think.

Tuning - Half a step down

When he goes from E back to A he does this
low Eb|-2/5-|

Intro: A E x2
A                                       E
    I remember that i wanted to kiss you
A                                       E
     to climb into your mouth for relief
A                         E                                    A
    in a minute i will remember the woman that i forced you to be
          B                C#m    B      A
is coming out one of these days eventually
                         B                E
and I hope to god yeah I hope you forgive me

I remember a deadbeat of angels
can you feel the relief
I felt an angry mob full of sisters crying hard and begging to leave
C#m                   A                 B
    If you could ever be what I actually needed you to be
        A           B     A         E
then we might just make it eventually.

A                                     E
  I remember that i wanted to kill you
A                                   E
  to dig into your chest for relief
A                             E                                 A
  but in a minuted i remembered the woman that i forced you to be
           B            C#m              B          A
has got a mind that's smart, probably smarter than me        end
                                  B                     E  (E 
A E)
so i'm gonna have to pay for the dumb shit i keep doing    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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