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Manic Drive Tabs

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Manic Drive is a Canadian rock band. 'EPIC', Manic Drive's latest album, has recently taken the nation by storm, turning heads everywhere. Currently, Manic Drive has just finished a 3 month long tour with the legendary rockers- STRYPER, and will be touring throughout 2010. Members of the band are Shawn Cavallo as the lead vocals, guitar and piano, Michael A. Cavallo on the guitar and back-up vocals, and Anthony Moreino on the drums. Their official website is Manic Drive on


Tracks Versions
Memories 1 guitar tabs
Vip 1 tablature chords
Good Times 1 tablature chords
Mountains 1 tablature chords
Banana Song 1 tablature chords
Save A Life 1 tablature chords
Memories Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Luckiest 1 guitar tabs
Tragedy 1 guitar tabs
Something More 1 guitar tabs
Nebulous 1 guitar tabs
King Of Mercy 1 tablature chords