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Mattrach Tabs

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MattRach is the alias of young French guitarist, Mathieu Rachmajda. He became known on the Internet from his videos on YouTube, performing his own unique compositions including "Dark Paradise", "The Conquistador", as well as covers of songs by Steve Vai, and classical pieces such as "Canon Rock" (cover of JerryC's "Canon Rock" - an arrangement of "Canon in D" by Pachelbel) and "Amadeus Rock". On YouTube, his channel, which has received over 50 million views, is one of the most subscribed in France. Globally, MattRach has more subscribers than Madonna. Read more about MattRach on


Tracks Versions
Acoustic Cool Song 1 guitar tabs
Dark Paradise 1 guitar tabs
Se Dechirer Dans Sa Chambre 1 guitar tabs
This Is L 1 guitar tabs