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Mike Lisi - Ghosts Repose

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            Capo 1
when strumming, pluck the lower two strings with your thumb like so:

          D                  Am                  A6

D  Am  D  A6

D                              Am
There's so many ghosts in this house
      F                    C
It's kind of hard to breathe
     D                  Am
They chew holes in your clothes
              G                Em
And while you try to sleep they glow
      F                  Am
But I hesitate to believe

      Gm             C          Fm                Em
Cause all we are is carbon, and that's how we'll stay
      Am             Gm              D           C
We're simple things, rearranged in a complicated way
   Fm                   Am             Gm             D
My heart says the stark absurdity was meaningful all along
    C                  Fm               Am             Em    
But my mind at rest is plagued by the thought that I'm wrong

D                            AM
Space travel won't solve our issues
        Fm                       C
There's nothing out there to find
      D                  Am
We're playing this game alone
     Gm                        Em
This barren beach has but one stone
        Fm                        Am
And my, my. We are the mites that occupy

      Gm             C              Fm           Em
Cause all of life is numerals, and chemicals to me
     Am               Gm              D             C
Our art and song will never stall whatever force at be
Fm               Am                   Gm                 D
People think I'm crazy for lying in a ditch while others run
    C               Fm            Am          Em
But I'll be the one laughing when the tornado comes    

Added On June 23rd, 2014



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