Mygrain Tabs

Mygrain Tabs

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myGRAIN, is a modern metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They are currently signed to Spinefarm Records. They have released three studio albums. myGRAIN saw daylight in the summer of 2004, as Tommy (vocals), Resistor (guitar) and Matthew (guitar) were standing in the ruins of their former band, New Science Band. The guys had been playing together since 1999 and their collaboration still worked well, so they decided to start a new band with this lineup. Read more about MyGrain on


Tracks Versions
Human Wasteland 1 guitar tabs
Killing Time 1 guitar tabs
Cold Reflection 1 guitar tabs
Humanimal 1 guitar tabs
Trapped In An Hourglass 1 guitar pro tabs
Of Immortal Aeons 1 guitar pro tabs