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Name Taken was a pop-rock band from Orange County, California and formed while the group was still in high school. The main lineup included Chad Atkinson (Vocals/Bass), Ryan Edwards (Rhythm Guitar) and Blake Means (Lead Guitar). While they were active, they had three different drummers; Bret Meisenbach, Danny Valencia, and most recently, Juan Pereda, who did not perform on any records but played their live shows. Before embarking on a planned European tour, the band split up in 2005. On May 5th and 6th, 2007, they reformed shortly to play back-to-back shows at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Read more about Name Taken on


Tracks Versions
A Year Spent Cold 1 guitar tabs
Write Back 1 tablature chords
You Do It So Well 1 tablature chords
Hold On For Your Dearest Lie 1 tablature chords
Clear And Conscious Intro 1 guitar tabs
We Give Up Sometimes 1 guitar tabs
Waiting Intro 1 guitar tabs
Today 1 guitar tabs
For Sunday 1 guitar tabs
Cover Up 1 guitar tabs
Control Intro 1 guitar tabs
I Quit My Scene 1 tablature chords