On The Last Day Tabs

On The Last Day Tabs

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A noble attribute often ascribed to professional athletes is their ability to play with pain. That certainly applies to the fiery Seattle hardcore rock band On The Last Day. Consider this particular road hazard: They were playing in Charleroi, PA this last tour, singer Geoff Walker recalls. And right at the end of Leaving The Citadel bassist Aaron Johnson's headstock and Geoff's face crossed paths. "He hit me and all I remember was thinking, That's gonna bleed." He awoke a minute later to Justin handing him a towel and a river of blood meandering across the stage from his nose. Read more about On The Last Day on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Leaving The Citadel 2 guitar tabs
So Here Is Us On The Raggedy Edge 1 guitar tabs
Below One Hundred Intro 1 guitar tabs
Meaning In The Static 1 guitar tabs