Optimus Rhyme Tabs

Optimus Rhyme Tabs

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Optimus Rhyme is a hip hop quartet from Seattle, Washington, occasionally aided by Rapper Broken English. Optimus Rhyme combines rapped hip hop lyrics with a fusion of Funk-Rock music. They are considered nerdcore hip hop because their lyrics combine stories of the band's fictional "Autobeat" persona's with their views on the commercial music industry and modern society, which has earned them performances at the Penny-Arcade Expo. Lineup Wheelie Cyberman - Vocals Read more about Optimus Rhyme on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Ford Vs Chevy 1 guitar tabs
Click-click 1 guitar tabs
Sick Day 1 guitar tabs
Powder Egg Blue Hatch 1 guitar tabs
Organix 1 guitar tabs
Cybernetic Circuits 1 guitar tabs
Fuzzy Dice 1 guitar tabs
I Heart Pubotcs 1 guitar tabs
Obey The Moderator 1 guitar tabs
Autobeat Airbus 1 guitar tabs
Dermato Fibro Sarcoma Protuberance 1 guitar tabs