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Out Of Your Mouth Tabs

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Out of Your Mouth was a Canadian hard rock band from Calgary, Alberta. The band consisted of vocalist Jason Darr, guitarist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster, bassist Paule Sperman and drummer Rob Shawcross. Their debut album, Draghdad, was released in 2004, scoring a Canadian Top 40 hit with a rocked-up cover of Madonna's song "Music". As of 2006, however, they have yet to score a second hit. After no new success, drummer Rob Shawcross left along with guitarist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster to form a new band AutoBody. Eventually bassist Paule Sperman would leave also due to creative differences. Read more about Out Of Your Mouth on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Music 3 guitar tabs
Beautiful When Youre Mad 2 guitar tabs
Crime Pays 1 guitar tabs
Bug Drum 1 guitar tabs