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Jeans Not Happening

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            The Pale Fountains
“Jean’s Not Happening”

A			  Bm
Here I am, standing here
D		  A
For at least an hour
A				     Bm
And do you know, eight more minutes of this
        D                                   A 
And I think I'm gonna take that shower

Well c’mon, what am I supposed to do
D	    A
Well I think I'll wait
What's this feeling
D		E
I think I hate

Bm	     D			A
Jean's not happening no more
	Bm D		   A
She's like the pouring rain
Bm	     D			A
Jean's not happening no more
	        Bm  D---		    	
(Coz) She's like the pouring rain

What was that you said to me
Well, not that it matters
And do you know, sometimes, well sometimes I think
That we're like a big game of snakes and ladders
And you said jokingly
My new name was repetition
Well, come on, what's that feeling

Uploaded when chords search yielded 0.
By voxnarbo, big fan of PF frontman Mick Head
And of Andy Diagram who made the trumpet cool     

Added On December 16th, 2013



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