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Stain Yer Blood

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            INTRO:  A-B-C#-B (2x)


         A       B          C#        B
It ain't no big deal that I feel you leaning

  A       F#m                 D     E
I see you leaning against the wall...


     D   C#                B     C#              D
It's OK stay the night for fun I won't stain yer blood

  C#              E
I won't stain yer blood

INTERLUDE: (after 2nd Chorus)

        C#               D             C#                B         D      B
I don't care cause she's mine cross my heart and hope to die is it love

              G A  G A  G A  G A  G A  G A  G A  G A          B    
They're gonna talk about us  they're gonna stare when we walk by...    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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