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Pedro The Lion Tabs

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Pedro the Lion was an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington, comprising David Bazan and TW Walsh. Because of the biblical references in many of their songs, Pedro the Lion were seen by some to be a Christian band, but they did not consider the band to be such. Pedro the Lion was formed by David Bazan in 1994 and released their debut EP Whole in April 1997. Despite the band's many lineup changes, Bazan remained the primary artist and musician behind the group, exemplified by his singing and playing every instrument on the band's first two full length albums... Read more about Pedro the Lion on


Tracks Versions
The Poison 2 tablature chords
Rapture 2 guitar tabs
Options 2 guitar tabs
Lullaby 2 guitar tabs
I Am Always The One Who Calls 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Bad Diary Days 2 guitar tabs
Arizona 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Almost There 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
The Longer I Lay Here 1 tablature chords
Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives 1 tablature chords
Priests And Paramedics 1 tablature chords
Longer I Lay Here 1 tablature chords
Winners Never Quit 1 guitar tabs
Whole 1 guitar tabs
Transcontinental 1 tablature chords
The Fleecing Acoustic 1 tablature chords
Fewer Broken Pieces 1 tablature chords
Secret Of The Easy Yoke 1 guitar tabs
Letter From A Concerned Follower 1 guitar tabs
When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run 1 guitar tabs
Rapture Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
A Simple Plan 1 tablature chords
Bands With Managers 1 tablature chords
And Can It Be Amazing Love 1 tablature chords
Nothing 1 guitar tabs
I Do 1 guitar tabs
Suspect Fled The Scene 1 tablature chords
Suspect Fled The Scene Intro 1 guitar tabs
Fix 1 guitar tabs
Eye On The Finish Line 1 guitar tabs
Diamond Ring 1 tablature chords
Big Trucks 1 tablature chords
Bad Things To Such Good People 1 guitar tabs
Bad Diary Days Intro 1 guitar tabs
Bad Deiry Days Solo 1 guitar tabs
Backwoods Nation 1 guitar tabs
Foregone Conclusions 1 tablature chords
Indian Summer 1 tablature chords
Start Without Me 1 guitar tabs
Simple Economics 1 tablature chords
Rejoice 1 guitar tabs
Progress 1 tablature chords
Of Up And Coming Monarchs 1 tablature chords
Never Leave A Job Half Done 1 guitar tabs
Magazine 1 tablature chords
Longest Winter 1 guitar tabs
A Mind Of Her Own 1 guitar tabs