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Just Like A Pill

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            Just Like A Pill Chords by Pink

Just Like A Pill - Pink

This is my second tab on the net, so I appologise for possible mistakes.
It’s never the less a pretty neat song for easy guitar playing…

Capo on 2nd fret!

Intro: Em/G
e |---|---|---|---|---|
B |---|---|---|---|---|
G |---|---|---|---|---|
D |---|-x-|---|---|---|
A |---|-x-|---|---|---|
E |---|---|-x-|---|---|
– G/C
e |---|---|---|---|---|
B |---|---|---|---|---|
G |-x-|---|---|---|---|
D |---|---|-x-|---|---|
A |---|---|---|-x-|---|
E |---|-x-|---|---|---|
– G/D
e |-x-|---|---|---|---|
B |---|-x-|---|---|---|
G |-x-|---|---|---|---|
D |---|---|-x-|---|---|
A |---|---|---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|-x-|---|
Verse 1: [G] I’m lyin' he[Em]re on the floor [C]where you left me [D] I think I took too much [G] I'm cryin' he[Em]re what ha[C]ve you done? [D] I thought it would be fun. PreChorus: [C] I Can't stay on your [D] life support There's a shortage in the [C] switch I Can't stay on your [D] morphine 'Cause it's makin' me [C] itch I said I tried call a [D] nurse again But she's bein' a little [C] bitch I think I'll get [D] outa here Chorus: Where I can [G] run Just as fast as I [Em] can To the middle of no[C]where To the middle of my [D] frustrated fears And I [G] swear, you're just like a [Em] pill 'stead of makin’ me [C] better, you keep makin' me [D] ill, you keep makin' me [G] ill… Em/G – G/C – G/D Verse 2: [G] I haven't [Em] moved from the spot where you [C] left me [D] It must be a bad trip [G] All of the [Em] other pills, they were [C] different [D] Maybe I should get some help PreChorus Chorus X2 PreChorus Chorus X4 Any comments, are welcome at

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