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Rasputina Tabs

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Rasputina is a "cello rock" ensemble composed of singer/cellist Melora Creager, and various, frequently changing band members. The current lineup includes Creager (cello), Daniel Dejesus (cello), and Dawn Miceli (drums). Founded by Creager in 1992, they have long held true to their mission of enlightening the common man as to the power and versatility of the mighty cello. Historically influenced, and constantly costumed, Rasputina keeps a small legion of incredibly passionate admirers enthralled with their earnest musicianship. Read more about Rasputina on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Sign Of The Zodiac 2 tablature chords
Howard Hughes Solo 1 guitar tabs
High On Life 1 guitar tabs
Hunters Kiss 1 tablature chords
In Old Yellowcake 1 tablature chords
When I Was A Young Girl 1 tablature chords
Rose K 1 tablature chords
This My Porcelain Life 1 tablature chords
Snow-hen Of Austerlitz 1 tablature chords
The New Zero 1 tablature chords
The Mayor 1 tablature chords
A Quitter 1 tablature chords
Willow Tree American 1 tablature chords