Reckless Love Tabs

Reckless Love Tabs

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Reckless Love is a four-piece group from Finland that plays exceptionally good rock n' roll. With it's rousing and joyful attitude the band offers a true alternative for today's rock scene where everything seems too dull, dark and serious. Reckless Love's formula is simple; big hard rock just for the fun of it! The band was founded in 2001 and started to gradually gain underground reputation as an energetic live act. Read more about Reckless Love on


Tracks Versions
Hot 1 guitar tabs
Bad Lovin 1 guitar tabs
Edge Of Our Dreams 1 tablature chords
Runaway Love 1 tablature chords
Sex Drugs And Reckless Love 1 tablature chords
Hysteria Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Night On Fire 1 guitar tabs
Animal Attraction 1 guitar tabs
Dirty Dreams 1 tablature chords
Sex 1 guitar pro tabs
Keep It Up All Night 1 guitar tabs