Renato Zero Tabs

Renato Zero Tabs

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Renato Zero is the stage name of Renato Fiacchini (born September 30, 1950), an Italian singer-songwriter and showman. Renato Fiacchini was born in Rome in the Via di Ripetta, next to the Via del Corso. He quit his studies early to devote himself to his true passion, playing music and singing - though initially with little success. He replied to the criticisms (including the recurring insult Sei uno zero! - "You're a zero!") by assuming the alter-ego of Renato Zero. Read more about Renato Zero on


Tracks Versions
I Migliori Anni Della Nostra Vita 1 tablature chords
Madame 1 tablature chords
Il Cielo 1 tablature chords
Fortuna 1 tablature chords
Il Carrozzone 1 tablature chords
Morire Qui 1 tablature chords
Triangolo ukulele 1 tablature chords