Room Eleven Tabs

Room Eleven Tabs

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A Dutch band with a diverse, playful, melancholic, funky and nostalgic sound. Room Eleven was composed of singer Janne Schra and guitarist and composer Arriën Molema. The band later on included keyboard player Tony Roe, contrabass player Lucas Dols and drummer Maarten Molema. Room Eleven was founded when the plucky, aspiring singer Janne Schra posts a note on the bulletin board at the conservatory in Utrecht: Seeking kindred spirits to write songs with. Guitarist and songwriter Arriën Molema was the only one answering, and they start writing original material together. Read more about Room Eleven on


Tracks Versions
Somedays 1 tablature chords
Sad Song 1 guitar pro tabs
Flavour 1 tablature chords
Pressing 1 tablature chords
One Of These Days 1 tablature chords
Greenest Grass 1 tablature chords
You Made Me See It 1 tablature chords