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Sons Of Korah Tabs

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Sons of Korah began in 1994 with three musicians who were at theological college together in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Since then Sons of Korah have recorded five Albums and have toured extensively around Australia and New Zealand, and more recently to America as well. Sons of Korah is a project-based band and though the line-up has changed over the years the basic concept remains the same. Sons of Korah have sought to revisit the age old tradition of sacred music, that is, music as a means of reflection on the word of God. Read more about Sons Of Korah on


Tracks Versions
Revelation 4 1 tablature chords
Psalm 1 1 tablature chords
Psalm 121 1 tablature chords
Psalm 127 1 guitar tabs
Psalm 139 1 guitar tabs
Psalm 99 1 tablature chords
Psalm 84 1 tablature chords
Psalm 3 1 tablature chords
Shop Lifter 1 guitar tabs
Psalm 19A Acoustic tab 1 guitar tabs