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Stef Bos Tabs

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Singer-songwriter Stef Bos was born 1961 in Veenendaal (Netherlands) and moved to Belgium in 1984. He has been active in multiple artistic disciplines: beside cabaret and theatre he is best known for his music. He both writes for others as well as for himself, mostly in Dutch. In Dutch speaking countries he is best known for his 1991 hit record ‘Papa’ - about a father/son relation. Since then he has made several albums and has also become quite popular amongst the Afrikaner population of South-Africa... Read more about Stef Bos on


Tracks Versions
Brief Uit Berlijn 1 guitar tabs
Wodka 1 tablature chords
Kloofstraat 1 tablature chords
Zij Weet 1 guitar tabs
Tussen De Liefde En De Leegte 1 tablature chords
Papa 1 tablature chords
Is Dit Nu Later 1 tablature chords
Ik Mis Jou 1 guitar tabs
De Radio Intro 1 guitar tabs
De Hemel 1 tablature chords