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Bore Me

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            I couldn't find this tab anywhere online so here it is.
Bore me,the opening track to Stone Gossards solo album Bayleaf.
Listen to the song for timing.
Its as near correct as possible but Stone used a backing guitarist on the album so there 
are other little parts to add if your jamming.
Anyway have a riot!!
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Play the verse in an arpeggiated and ska motion,listen to the base notes.
Play the chorus with Barr Chords


F#  ^
----2-------------2- 2----------|
-----3---------3-------- 3------|
------4------ 4------------4----|
------4----- 4---------------4--|

Just passed too bizarre
The organ grinder quips
Locked inside a barricade
How could you get in?
The admiral checks his thieves
To see what they'd done wrong
Wrapped it up in silly paper
Tacked it to the wall

F#/B   E    (let ring)

Em D    A                  F#/B   E
He bore me...
All could see...           F#/B   E
Em D    E
He bore me...


He tries to get his armies outside the trail
He knows his better part is outside of bail

F#/B   E

Em Dm Am                  F#/B   E
He found me...
All could see...          F#/B   E
Em Dm  E
He bore me...

B            D
Ten pounds, ten pounds
Ten pounds, ten pounds

B  A  B  E

The admiral checks the crowd
To see if they would mind
He knew it wasn't instigated
By his little frog
The rabbit chased the pig
Around their parking lot
Pony tail between his knees
Customary sot

He bore me...
All could see...
He found me...
All could see...
He bore me...    

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