Susumu Hirasawa Tabs

Susumu Hirasawa Tabs

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平沢進 (HIRASAWA Susumu) was born in Tôkyô on 2 April 1954. In 1972 he attended 東京デザイナー学院 (Tôkyô Designer Academy) and formed his first band Mandrake, which would last for 6 years. When MANDRAKE came to an end in 1978, only a year later P-Model was formed, a new project for which he was accompanied by 2 other ex-members of MANDRAKE. P-MODEL was a techno-pop that, with Susumu's genius and vision, broke down barriers and was always a step ahead of the techno boom that was occurring in Japan at the time. Read more about Susumu Hirasawa on


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Tatsujin No Yama An Expert Mountain 1 guitar tabs