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You Got Me Loving You

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            VERSE 1 (-D-)

D                            Bm                           C
hey sweetheart hows your day mines good the same ol' same im not trying to 
be rude or mean or ruin everything im just


D                              Bm                       C
im trying to keep my eyes open so i dont get hurt again but im really 
                A7                      (PAUSE)
falling for you so what else can i do but love you

VERSE 2: (-D-)

D                                     Bm 
well you talk to me in the cutest way you treat me like im your everything 
C                                      A7
oh baby i dont want to be cold no more now my hearts an open door for you 


VERSE 3: (-D-)

D                                     BM                               C
when you talk to me you make me blush when you look at me i get a rush just 
                             A7                            (PAUSE)
knowing you brightens my day so i think its about time i say i love you
A7                 D
what else can i do but love you


D                              Bm                                   C
my hearts here for you to take as long as you promise it wont break i trust 
it while its in your care dont hurt it and you can keep it there (CHORUS 1)


D                        Bm                               C
oh you got me loving you i didnt want to addmit the truth but oh you got me 
      A7                         (STOP)
loving you what else can i do but love you

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Added On December 16th, 2013



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