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T3h Shred Boiz Tabs

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Every once in a while someone asks me about T3h Shred Boiz. How are they so grim? How are they so kvlt? Are their faces naturally white? The answer to these questions could quite possibly drive you insane, so they won't be addressed here. I guess T3h Shred Boiz really got started when Satan was sitting around thinking up evil shit to do. Satan thought and thought for years, and then one day he conceived his most diabolical and destructive plan ever: T3h Shred Boiz. He would assemble the grimmest and tr00est band that the world has ever seen. Read more about T3h Shred Boiz on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Memoirs From The Gallows 1 guitar pro tabs
Rasputins Magical Penis Goes On A Picnic 1 guitar pro tabs