Teen Suicide Tabs

Teen Suicide Tabs

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teen suicide was a band Teen Suicide on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
I Wanna Be A Witch 1 tablature chords
Violets 1 guitar tabs
Neighborhood Drug Dealer 1 guitar tabs
Living Proof 1 guitar tabs
Haunt Me X 3 1 tablature chords
Taking Pills 1 tablature chords
Everything Is Going To Hell 1 guitar tabs
Oh My God 1 guitar tabs
Doing All The Things I Used To Do With People Part 2 1 guitar tabs
Skate Witches 1 tablature chords
Give Me Back To The Sky 1 guitar tabs
The Same Things Happening To Me All The Time Even In My Dreams 1 guitar tabs
Goblin Problems 1 tablature chords
Salvia Plath 1 guitar tabs
Bad News chords 1 tablature chords