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Heartless Romantic

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            The Dears - Heartless Romantic
(capo on 1st fret)

Intro: C  E7  Am  F  Dm  Bb  G7

              C                     E7
I've been a liar, I've been a thief
              Am                         F
Now I don't think that is what I want to be
           Dm                     Bb    G7
I'll do anything you want any old time
Oh yeah

Bridge: E7  Am  F  Dm  Bb  G7

            C                     E7
Don't have money, don't have any looks
                Am                     F
Just borrowed pianos that I can hardly play
             Dm                     Bb       G7  C  Em
I may have a pen somewhere, staff paper too
G6             C   Em  G6
I'm asking for it

Solo: C  E7  Am  F  Dm  Bb  G7

                   C                  E7
You need some more brandy, you need cocaine
                  Am                         F
You're in self-destruct mode, maybe it's the pain
                Dm            Bb        G7
I don't need anything, I just need you...


    C       Em             G6
... you and I, it's all so shameful  (x3)
C       Em             G6
You and I... It's all...
       C      Em  G6
It's a shame                 (x4)
C              Em        G6
 You're just a loverful      (x4)    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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