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All Good Dogs

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            The Hackensaw Boys                  Tabbed by Jangafett

Album:Love what you do

Standard tuning, there are some walk ups and downs listen to the song
and play along for the strumming pattern.


D                 G         Em         C       G
It aint worth the effort.   No it aint made of gold
D                    Am              C                    G                 
She don’t tend to no garden That I'm told, that’s all I'm told
D              G            Em          C               G
It’s a lasting impression   The seed of love is growing old
D                    Am           C                  G
All good men turn to ashes That I know, That’s all I know
D              G           Em               C             G             
You can go to California,  And spread your talents in the sand
D                Am                         C
But the girls in California, They aint your friend
You best think again and again

Em C G Em C G D Am C G

D              G           Em           C                  G
It’s a suspect profession, To sell your love when its gone cold
D                     Am              C                   G
All good dogs turn to beggars  That I know, That’s all I know

C                G            D           C              G
Dirt floor in a run down bar, Thought of you, Safe from harm
C                         G
A wagon wheel and all the roads are paved
D         C    //     //         //                  G
Pray for all we have saved,  I pray for all we have saved    

Added On December 16th, 2013



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