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Glow Worm

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Up the snowy spires, where the air is thin as glass

       E                                     G              F#
Once a year the cold mists clear and you can see inside the earth

Bm                            A
High in that crystal palace I built a sailing ship

         E                        G               F#
Mast and wheel of polished brass, sails of golden silk

  Bm                        A
I piped the engine steam, I set velocitations

        E                   G       F#
I consulted dusty maps, set careful calibrations

D                    A
Ever inward ever in, peering through my scope

  C                             B
I sailed deep into the hollows, deep inside the earth

I traveled a boiling river through streams of mercury

  E                          G                F#
Underneath volcanoes and the roots of ancient trees

Bm                           A
Underneath stalactites I lit phosphorus lamps

       E                        G             F#
Sparks snapped into the air and coiled up the mast

A E G D A E G D Bm
I watched enormous birds diving through the slate

     E                         G               F#
As I stood upon the prow in my oilskin cap and cape

   Bm                        A
At last my anchor caught and echoed through the stone

     E                          G                 F#
As I climbed an old rope ladder miles through the gloam

Bm                      A
Then up above I saw it, a glowworm’s little light

    E                                  G             F#
And I reached out and caught it in the center of the night

D                    A
Tightly in my fist I held that glowing worm

C                                   B
Deep down in the hollows I held the center of the world    

Added On September 8th, 2014



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