The Maccabees Tabs

The Maccabees Tabs

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The Maccabees are an indie rock band from London, UK. The line-up consists of Orlando Weeks (vocals), Hugo White (guitar), Felix White (guitar, vocals), Rupert Jarvis (bass) and Sam Doyle (drums). Lead singer Orlando Weeks stated once that the band came up with the name by flicking through the Bible and picking out a random word. Despite adopting a name with religious connotations, he affirmed that none of the band are religious. Read more about The Maccabees on


Tracks Versions
First Love 3 guitar tabs
Precious Time 1 tablature chords and 2 guitar tabs
Latchmere 2 tablature chords
About Your Dress Acoustic 1 tablature chords
Candlelight 1 tablature chords
Walking In The Air 1 guitar tabs
Dinosaurs 1 tablature chords
One Hand Holding 1 tablature chords
Love You Better 1 guitar tabs
Wall Of Arms Acoustic 1 tablature chords
Pelican 1 guitar tabs
Went Away 1 guitar tabs
Feel To Follow 1 tablature chords
Grew Up At Midnight 1 guitar tabs
Glimmer 1 guitar tabs
Something Like Happiness 1 tablature chords
Hello 1 tablature chords
Young Lions 1 guitar tabs
Can You Give It 1 guitar tabs
Firt Love Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
X-ray 1 guitar tabs
About Your Dress 1 guitar tabs
Lego 1 guitar tabs
Toothpaste Kisses 1 tablature chords
Oavip 1 tablature chords
Good Old Bill 1 guitar tabs
Tissue Shoulders 1 guitar tabs
Toothpaste Kisses Solo 1 guitar tabs
First Love Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Happy Faces 1 guitar tabs
The Real Thing 1 tablature chords
Mary 1 guitar tabs
Slow Sun 1 guitar tabs