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The Taxpayers Tabs

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The Taxpayers originated in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. Originally a three-piece guitar/bass/drum combination, the band incorporates accordion, horns, piano, harmonica, and other instruments during recording sessions. Currently they perform live with a range from three to eight members. They strongly support the DIY punk ethic, booking their own shows, printing their own merchandise, printing CDs from scrap material, and hand-written notes and other gifts included with each CD. The Taxpayers release digital copies for free, via blogs and Quote Unquote Records. Read more about The Taxpayers on


Tracks Versions
Medicines 1 guitar pro tabs
Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights 1 tablature chords
Bike Cops 1 tablature chords
It Gets Worse Every Minute 1 tablature chords
Hungry Dog In The Street 1 tablature chords
Montana 1 tablature chords
Stealing Apples From The Man 1 guitar tabs
Everybody Does A Little Cocksucking 1 tablature chords
Cuyahoga Canal 1 guitar tabs
No Lodging For The Mad 1 tablature chords