The Virginmarys Tabs

The Virginmarys Tabs

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Satellite towns tend to breed big ambitions. Perched on the hills above Manchester, Macclesfield’s principle claim to fame comes in the cult of Ian Curtis. That classic example of the ‘just out of the city’ boy reinforces how big horizons tend to breed big ambitions. The Virginmarys are not part of the Curtis club. Their music blends the dynamics of platinum class ‘grunge’ (basically Nirvana, Mudhoney and Screaming Trees) with the spikiness of punk and the attention to detail and honesty of prime British rock of the early 1970’s, before the wizards and capes overcame the attack and dynamic. Read more about The Virginmarys on


Tracks Versions
Keep Me On The Run 1 tablature chords
Dead Mans Shoes 1 guitar tabs
Lost Weekend Stripped 1 tablature chords
Stripped 1 tablature chords
Motherless Land 1 tablature chords