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Thunder Tabs

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1) Thunder is a five-piece hard rock band from the United Kingdom that formed in 1989, after singer Danny Bowes, guitarist Luke Morley and drummer Gary 'Harry' James left the group Terraplane. They were soon joined by bassist Mark 'Snake' Luckhurst and guitarist Ben Matthews and put out their first album, Backstreet Symphony, in 1990. They followed it with a well-received Monsters Of Rock festival performance that year. Read more about Thunder on


Tracks Versions
Love Walked In 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Empty City 1 guitar tabs
One Bullet 1 tablature chords
This Forgotten Town 1 tablature chords
Candy Man 1 guitar tabs
A Better Man 1 tablature chords
Amys On The Run 1 tablature chords
Loser 1 guitar tabs
Backstreet Symphony Intro 1 guitar tabs
Girls Going Out Of Her Head 1 guitar pro tabs
If I Cant Feel Love 1 tablature chords
My Darkest Hour 1 tablature chords
Wonder Days 1 guitar tabs
The Rain 1 tablature chords
The Thing I Want 1 guitar tabs
Black Water 1 tablature chords
Gimme Shelter 1 guitar tabs
Im Dreaming Again 1 tablature chords
Til The River Runs Dry 1 tablature chords
Backstreet Symphony 1 guitar tabs
Dirty Love Intro 1 guitar tabs
Dirty Love 1 guitar tabs
Gimme Some Lovin 1 guitar tabs
High End Intro 1 guitar tabs
In A Broken Dream 1 guitar tabs
It Happened In This Town 1 guitar tabs
Living For Today 1 guitar tabs
Low Life In High Places 1 guitar tabs
Until My Dying Day 1 guitar tabs
Better Man 1 guitar tabs
Love Walked In Intro 1 guitar pro tabs
Its Another Day 1 tablature chords
Just Another Suicideyou Wanna Know 1 tablature chords
Castles In The Sand 1 guitar tabs
Anais solo tab 1 guitar tabs