Tim Christensen Tabs

Tim Christensen Tabs

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Tim Christensen is a Danish singer-songwriter from Copenhagen, born July 2nd in 1974. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and more notably a talented composer and producer. He is artist since 1982 and the former member of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, but since they disbanded in 1998 he has launched a solo career, with now three full length albums and one live album/dvd in his name. Backing him, both live and in the studio, are 3 very talented musicians: Lars Skjærbæk (guitar, keyboards), Nicolai Munch-Hansen (bass) and Olaf Olsen (drums). Read more about Tim Christensen on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Kings Garden 2 tablature chords, 2 guitar tabs and 1 guitar pro tabs
Love Is A Matter Of 3 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Whispering At The Top Of My Lungs 2 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Barbwired Babys Dream 2 tablature chords
Jump The Gun 2 guitar tabs
How Far You Go 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Right Next To The Right One 2 tablature chords
Distant Sun 1 tablature chords
Screaming At The Top Of My Lungs 1 guitar pro tabs
Dont Leave Me But Leave Me Alone 1 guitar tabs
Kings Garden Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Song For Shelly 1 guitar pro tabs
Two Is A Crowd 1 guitar pro tabs
Wonder Of Wonders 1 tablature chords
Watery Eyes 1 guitar pro tabs
Caterpillar 1 guitar pro tabs
Caugth In The Arms Of 1 guitar tabs
The Damn Crystals 1 guitar pro tabs
The Damn Crystals Part I 1 guitar pro tabs
As I Let You In 1 guitar pro tabs
Soren Banjomus 1 guitar pro tabs
Never Be One Until Were Two 1 guitar pro tabs
This Will Be Our Year 1 tablature chords
Surprise Me 1 guitar pro tabs
Maggie My Dear 1 guitar tabs
Hard To Make You Mine 1 guitar tabs
Superior 1 tablature chords
Feel Me 1 guitar tabs
Get The Fuck Out Of My Mind 1 tablature chords
Intro 1 guitar tabs
Isolation Here I Come 1 tablature chords
Jump The Gun Solo 1 guitar tabs
Hidden Track From Honeyburst 1 tablature chords
Lost And Found 1 guitar tabs
Love Is A Loosers Game 1 guitar tabs
No Easy Key Acoustic 1 guitar tabs
Prime Time 1 guitar tabs
Secrets Of Parade 1 tablature chords
Stranger 1 tablature chords
Surfing The Surface 1 guitar tabs
Today Is The Day 1 tablature chords
Love Is A Losers Game Acoustic 1 tablature chords
21st Century High 1 guitar pro tabs
Love Is A Losers Game Live 1 guitar pro tabs