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TISM (an acronym of This Is Serious Mum) was an Australian alternative rock band from Melbourne. The band was formed in 1982 and broke up in 2004. The true identities of the members of TISM have been kept secret. For this reason, the band often appear in balaclavas when they play concerts, although they have also been known to indulge in ridiculously complex costumery to the same end. They have been thought to have been influenced by The Residents in this regard. However, the true identities of the members are common knowledge among fans of the band. Read more about TISM on Last.fm.


Tracks Versions
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me Solo 2 guitar tabs
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me 1 tablature chords and 1 guitar tabs
Get Thee To A Nunnery 1 guitar tabs
Defecate On My Face 1 tablature chords
Thunderbirds Are Coming Out 1 guitar tabs
The History Of Western Civilisation 1 tablature chords
Ol Man River 1 guitar tabs
Garbage 1 tablature chords
Aussiemandias 1 tablature chords
Greg The Stop Sign 1 guitar tabs
The Philip Ruddock Blues 1 tablature chords